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Catching Light is a technology company that believes in building and creating new, innovative solutions to traveling and living. Utilising new solar and ethically safe, energy technologies, which can significantly benefit the environment and significantly reduce costs. We also believe in challenging conventional ways of construction, utilising smart technologies, sustainable materials and traditional ways of living and traveling together. We offer a range of beautiful, unique, ‘sea, land and other technologies’ to enhance our lives and help protect our planet and environment.

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Our modular/floating and marina homes, villas and apartments, are also designed to be constructed, utilising, natural and recycled materials in conjunction with the latest smart, eco-technologies. We believe all of our buildings, have been cleverly designed to enhance our modern living experience, incorporating contemporary and aesthetically beautiful designs.

All our buildings are designed to be run on state-of-the art, renewable technologies, ethical and safe, proprietary battery technology and innovative, solar solutions.

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The largest 15% ocean vessels pollute more NOX than all the cars combined on the planet. Cruise ships are not a necessity in transportation - they are purely there to entertain in some of the most truly breathtaking, fragile and inspiring eco systems. It is criminal in its current form. Anyone who cares about the environment or human rights would not be stepping on board. There is a better way. It is electric, non-polluting, modular and a more intimate experience.

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50% of transportation is less than 1000 kilometres. Electric aviation can reduce carbon emissions within this range with today’s technology. Additionally, traffic is no longer a large urban problem. Traffic effects villages and smaller towns now. The answer is not more cars with 15% utilisation, but rather to go up. And finally, island nations are subject to extremely energy and transportation costs limiting social mobility. Regional airports are abundant and under-utilised as the past 3 decades air transport move to large aircraft and massive hubs. To address these challenges, we are developing electric aviation options with small commuter aircraft, seaplanes and eVtols.

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Kit Kabin is a modular kit build cabin. It is factory constructed with bio composites, cross laminated bamboo and hemp insulation sandwich. The components have simple geometry and panels are light weight for ease on construction on site. The cabin can be completed with in a day with two people. The kit package, including kitchen and bathroom fit into a 6-metre half high-cube shipping container. I

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From birth, man carries the weight of gravity on his shoulders. He is bolted to earth. But man has only to sink beneath the surface and he is free

Jacques Yves Cousteau
  • The Polynesian - coming soon
  • Solar Pearl -coming soon
  • Wetlands - coming soon
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A community for all - Ports are suffering from a decline in traditional shipping revenue and one dimension land use. The CL marina complex provides a solution to addressing redevelopment that maximises water and land assets. The new marina community can be a home to affordable modular homes, urban vertical farms, renewable energy power-plant, a flex working space, and home to electric marine and air transport.

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Floods are and will continue to effect every corner of our planet, yet the human desire to live close to water persists. We don't think there should be a compromise. Studies have suggested living close to or on the water makes us 20% happier. The solution is simple, build homes that float, instead of fixed to the land with complicated foundations or stilts. There are plenty of calm waters, unused ship building basins & ports, rivers, or reclaimed quarries where this is possible. Even a house is not directly floating, it is possible to build and unlock value in flood prone land such as the Thames Valley. Our floating platforms provide a safe method to live on or near the water with a variety designs to meet local cultural aesthetics or we can custom design a villa for you. In additional, water can provide energy.

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The Green House is a project that represents the juxtaposition of living on the extremes of light and dark, the heat generated by sun and the heat insulated by the earth. During the day, the biospheres are warmed and energy is harvested providing a living and dining area connected by nature, blurring the lines again between outside and in. The environment to connect with our biological nature. The second part with bedroom units, bathroom, sauna, and entertainment lounge in based underground protected the the thermal mass of mother nature. There is a sliding atrium skylight surrounded by water elements and gardens with and discreet entrance on the far end. There are two versions.A four bedroom Tulip Dome with cross-laminated framing high tech lightweight ETFL clear biosphere. The second is a square biosphere with 3 walls with accordion doors and a solar wall with 2 underground bedrooms. In the green house there is a Japanese style ‘Ofuro’ hot tub. .

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